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I do not own this picture!!!                                       Do’s and Don’ts

Of Facebook


1.  Do like statuses that you like.

2.  Talk with friends through chat.

3.  Reconnect to friends and family.

4.  Occasionally play games.

5.  Join groups that you like.

6.  Put down what you like for your profile.

7.  Share some photos.

8.  Post a status about having fun at a party.

9.   Comment on things that you like.

10. Enjoy yourself



1.      Don’t post your life story most people don’t care.

2.      If you’re underage don’t post about you think it’s wrong you got in trouble for drinking or smoking weed.

3.      Don’t complain about your parents.

4.      Don’t say you will crash a plane into someone’s house (bad things will happen).

5.      Farmville isn’t cool anymore.

6.      Don’t post that you have a problem and if someone asks say nothing is wrong, that’s how you loss friends.

7.      Don’t accept friend request from pedophiles

8.      Don’t go posting pictures with people that most of your friends hate (unless you want a mini-war.)

9.      Don’t be friends with people who ask you for certain pictures of certain areas.

10. Never post in text language, nobody but you understands what you ment.



Do’s and Don’ts

    Do’s                        Of Twitter

1.  Shout out to friends

2.  Post jokes

3.  Share photos

4.  Follow people

5.  Post links to cool sites

6.  Share videos

7.  Ask questions

8.  try to get followers

9.  Quote famous people

10.        Repost funny things from other people



1.  Don’t complain about everything.

2.  Don’t post bad things about the person that just texted you and follows you.

3.  Don’t post photos of illegal things.

4.  Don’t post that you just broke the law.

5.  Don’t use the hash tag for every little detail.

6.   Don’t steal other people joke and claim them to be your own.

7.  Don’t post where are if you have people following you that you don’t know.

8.  Don’t spam people, they’ll probably block you.

9.  Don’t fight over twitter

10.                    Don’t post inappropriate photos or videos


Stories of events similar

To these events

Facebook: I had a friend that got into an argument over Facebook about music. The person said that rock music was for skin-heads and terrorists, while he argued that it wasn’t.  He then said that he would fly a plane into her house. The next day the police showed up at his house.

Twitter: A person once posted that they were driving drunk. Later that evening he was arrested for driving drunk.


                        Other social media




Tumblr is a great social media site if you want a close community.  There you can post art, stories, and pictures. The community is nice and kind if you follow the rules. Try stay within the rules.  https://www.tumblr.com/



Reddit is a great social media site to look up funny post.

You can also find many topics on many things. The community is ok. And make sure you follow the rules and listen to the mods.  http://www.reddit.com